Fashion meets Quicksilver

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The brand Quicksilver and high fashion have never been synonymous, so I was surprised to hear that to introduce their new spring collection, they were going to showcase fashion bloggers who typically commentate on Milan runnways as opposed to Laguna Beach.

The result is surprising and I thought each did a nice job expressing their unique fashion point of view with the line. As well, it’s a smart and cost efficient marketing effort by the brand, since each of these sites maintain a large and devout readership. The clothes itself are surprisingly nice and have evolved from the teen surf girl, to grown up basics, for stylish California chic. From top left counterclockwise, Hannah (Hannah and Landon), Taghrid (Taghrid: A Lookbook), Rachel (That’s Chic), Krystal (What is Reality Anyway), Beth (The Vintage Society), and Karla (Karla’s Closet).

If you are in NYC, check out the Quicksilver concept store that opened at the end of last month in SoHo. The space has a cozy boutique feel with a lounge area where champagne and water is served to customers as they shop, and a Quiksilver women’s personal shopping assistant is on hand to advise on fits, styles and outfit ideas.