The way we work

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A recent interest of mine is viewing creative people’s spaces in which they work and live. This stems from my love of process and curiosity in all the different ways an end product is realized.

I first started reading Daily Routines, which chronicles how writers, artists and other notable people organize their days. The daily routines are culled from books, newspapers and magazines with many of the best entries being those who are no longer living. Ben Franklin started out his day always asking, “What good shall I do today?” and ended it reflecting, “What good have I done today?”. Talk about pressure.

Emily Post would spend the better part of her day in bed, eating her meals and writing. Truman Capote’s process was similar, stating, “I am a completely horizontal author. I can’t think unless I’m lying down, either in bed or stretched on a couch.” It can be a bit reassuring to find that even Kafka, had just as hard a time sitting down and being productive.

A friend then passed me a link to The Selby, which displays photographs, paintings and videos by Todd Selby of creative types and their respective places. Selby is a great photographer and captures each space really well, in an edgy, cool vibe. Each section is divided by city, with some of my personal favorites being in Paris, like the effortlessly romantic and charming home of Parisian couple Sofía Achával & Thibault de Montaigu.
Also great, Philadelphia resident Adam Wallacavage’s townhouse filled with a crazy mix of taxidermy, skate decks and vintage accent pieces. Selby shoots studios as well, like that of fashion designer Alexander Wang, and his hip minimal black and white work space.

Finally, Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, began a series called "From the Desk of…" which showcases office spaces of his stylish friends. I love looking at the album and book collections, as well as notepads and inspiration boards.

These sites definitely appease the voyeurist, but they also lend some insight into the way these talented people are able to consistently create such amazing work.