WTC logo preservation project

New York-based designer Ji Lee has launched a project to document logos that use the former World Trade Center in a New York skyline.

He says, “After 9/11, I started to noticed the Twin Towers in many logos containing the New York City skyline. These were mostly from small businesses: dry cleaners, delis, movers, and so on. I experienced a strange mix of sadness and joy seeing the iconic Towers standing there majestically, as if nothing happened. These logos will not last forever as many of the small business will either update their logos at some point or close their doors eventually. Thus the Twin Towers would sadly vanish forever. In order to preserve them, I started photographing them whenever I found one – and there are many of them around. Soon it became an enjoyable game every time I was on the streets of New York, like a treasure hunt which never ceases to be rewarding.”

More on the WTC logo preservation project here.